Roadmap eosDAC



Junio - Diciembre

Proyecto de Investigación y Concepto 100%




Pruebas en las Testnets de la comunidad EOS 100%


Consolidación del Launch Team 100%
Pruebas en las Testnets de la comunidad EOS 100%


Creación del sitio web 100%
Pruebas en las Testnets de la comunidad EOS 100%
Comunidad 100%
Redes sociales + Telegram 100%


Snapshot del Token EOS 100%
Pruebas en las Testnets de la comunidad EOS 100%
Publicación del escrito "Más allá de la producción de bloques" 100%
Airdrop 100%
Publicación en Exchanges 100%


Airdrop Finalizado 100%
Rediseño del sitio web + Video explicativo animado 100%
Creación de la Constitución de la DAC 100%
Configuración de la infraestructura para la Producción 100%
Pruebas en las Testnets de la comunidad EOS 100%
Roadmap del DAC toolkit y funcionalidades iniciales 100%


Lanzamiento de la Mainnet 100%
Elección de los productores de bloques 100%
Lanzamiento de eosDAC en la blockchain EOS 100%


Programación de contratos inteligentes - Contrato de los Guardianes 100%
Producción de bloques activa 100% 100%
Sistema de propuestas de trabajo - realizado manualmente 100%
Gestión en la producción de bloques, respuesta inmediata a órdenes de arbitraje 100%
Informes financieros 100%
Cuenta proxy para el voto de los Productores de bloque 100%
Presentaciones en conferencias y eventos (Seúl + Londres) 100%
Redes Sociales + Telegram 100%
Nuevo contenido (video) 100%

Tercer Trimestre

Visión general del DAC Toolkit 55%
Votación de los Guardianes eosDAC 55%
Paso de mando a los Guardianes 50%
Programación de contratos inteligentes - Contrato de las propuestas de trabajo
Gestión de WP, votación y seguimiento (on chain)
Verificación de WP y pagos (on chain)
Gestión de WP, votación y seguimiento
Servidores + configuración del nodo para DAC Toolkit

Cuarto trimestre

Gestión del fondo de ganancias
Gestión de disputas
Asociaciones estratégicas / inversiones

1. Block production:

• Active block producer on the EDS blockchain
• Our block production team are highly respected throughout the EDS community
• Role involves advanced technical skill and 24/7 on-call
• Active in chain governance; input into all active matters (arbitration, RAM market, block producer best-practice etc)


2. DAC tools:

• In development:
A brand new set of tools to establish and govern a DAC.
• We will use them for our governance and then make freely available to all future DACs.
• Functionality: membership registration, Custodian elections, and multisig payments.
• Developing these in-house with selective partnership with OCI. OCI have validated that our developers are producing world-class level code.
• Roadmap:
o Beta version of the token explorer available
o In testing with the token contract and Custodian contract
o Rolling out member registration in August 8: our own Custodian elections in 03
o Later in year, □AC toolkit to be available for other DACs

For more please see:

DAC toolkit githubs:


-eosDAC toolkit

-eosDAC token

-DAC custodian

-DAC tools

-Worker proposal

-Tech and development channel


3. Community engagement:

We are committed to enhancing awareness of eosDAC so that our community will expand.

We maintain many active communication channels including Discord, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook, a newsletter, and others.

Details of these all these are under 1 Get Involved’ on our website,

We regularly post announcements on our website and steemit.

We conduct a fortnightly all-hands call which anyone can join; please see details in our public calendar.

To answer members’ questions regarding their tokens, how to store and trade them, and to promote community members interacting with each other, we are currently staffing Telegram and/or Discord channels in English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Italian.








4. Other Special Projects:


We are supporting Chintai, a peer-to-peer CPU leasing platform that will make it more affordable for new Dapps to establish themselves. Read more.

Exchange Liaison

We are continuously maintaining discussions with exchanges to create more liquidity for our tokens.

The following are trading + depositing/withdrawing EOSDAC:






The following are trading EOSDAC and working on opening withdrawals/deposits: Bibox, Hotbit and ZB, Bitbns, Cashierest.

We are continuously exploring new listings: We are currently working closely with a tier-1 exchange seeking to launch an EOSio token trading platform.

Community outreach through conferences and events

Our senior managers regularly speak at events to share best practice. In the last month alone, Rob Allen, Luke Stokes and Michael Yeates have spoken at important events including the EOS Community Conference in Seoul.

Listen to the Podcast.

View Videos from the event.

Read the article.


4. Other/special projects

Further revenue streams:

We are actively seeking to add further revenue streams to the DAC to increase its profitability and value. In particular we are pursuing:

– Side chain/private block production: we are in discussions with more than one private chain, at various stages of development, regarding block production.

-Projects wishing to airdrop onto EOS or EOSDAC

-Other projects seeking assistance

For a sample of these projects please see our website.

Block production proxy voting

Though not strictly an eosDAC project, Luke Stokes runs a proxy voting account which currently proxy votes 1.5m votes, and which eosDAC benefits meaningfully from. See the proxy ranking here.

5. Internal Systems

The DAC requires systems to function, including the worker proposal system, financial systems and operational systems. We also require strategic and legal oversight of our structure and operations to ensure we are managing our affairs prudentially.

The human resource required to design and execute these systems supports all of the other activities of the DAC, Additionally, we are designing these systems to be open-source, so that our members can contribute to eosDAC through worker proposals, governance and community participation.