How to Vote?

Before starting, make sure to take appropriate steps to protect your computer from malware.

Our Block Producer name on EOS Mainnet is: eosdacserver

Vote using Scatter

Scatter has had independent code audits and is known to be secure and trusted at the time of writing this guide. Scatter makes it easy to connect your application to EOS, Ethereum and Tron.

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Vote using EOS-Voter by Greymass

EOS-Voter is a light wallet being designed for the EOS blockchain. This application can be used to connect to a remote EOS API endpoint to perform producer voting actions and a few basic wallet commands.

You can use our API node at:

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Vote using Token Pocket Wallet

Token Pocket is a multi-chain digital wallet, portal to DApp ecosystem. Token Pocket wallet offers features like account creation, resource management, voting and many more.

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One final thing!

To prevent block producers from benefiting from people who vote once and then don’t stay active, all votes decay at a half life of 50% per year. This means , you’ll need sign back in every once in awhile and click on “vote” again to refresh your votes. Nice thing is that your account remembers who you voted for last, so if you’re still happy with the same producers you just click the vote button and run it all through again.

We hope this guide was helpful for you!

Voting for good block producers helps protect your property.