Apr 14, 2020

WAX ON: Why you should have cryptocurrency in your portfolio


William: Hello, Megan is my partner at Magnetic Capital. She’ll be walking us through Magnetic’s framework for how we view and find investment opportunities for crypto. So Megan, share a little bit about what Magnetic does.

Megan: Magnetic’s focus since 2012 has been purely crypto and distributed ledger technology. We’ve watched the market evolve. The changes in technology, the experimentation, the tax, the regulatory, and the market changes. Our background is investors, company builders, and merchants. Using blockchain technology gives us insight that few investors can buy in this asset class. Our investment approach is experience-based and research driven.

William: So what is special about crypto that makes it a compelling investment opportunity?

Megan: The fact that it’s not yet a mature asset class. You can see this from the relatively small market cap of crypto compared to other asset classes. You also see this in the small user base. And we’re still at a very early stage of enterprise adoption. And yet whether you look at the past 10 years, the past 5 years, or even the past 3 years crypto as an asset class has generated the highest return of any asset class globally.

William: So Megan, is it too late to invest?

Megan: No. The crypto market opportunities are indicators for why we believe these are still the early days of crypto. In the last decade the crypto market achieved a return of 90,000x. Today, more developers, companies, and governments are building blockchain solutions than ever before. Over the next half a decade alone we can easily see a 5x market growth. So no you’re not late to the game because you didn’t buy bitcoin at $100

William: Are there specific opportunities you’re looking at?

Megan: Yes of course. Since the crypto market is in its nascent stages, we take a long-term investment horizon approach. And in that approach, we look at five main themes that are real world use cases for blockchain. In the top 5 best use cases there are several sectors that we look at such as payments, cross-border settlement, decentralized finance, stablecoins, cloud wallets, tokenized real-world assets, data collection and transfer, and gaming.

William: How do you invest in these use cases?

Megan: To invest in these use cases we look at the optimal way to participate in any one of these global opportunities that I’ve laid out which is influenced by the blockchain technology value creation stack. We clearly do not use a simple heuristic approach. For instance, as an investment approach we would not just invest in bitcoin and other top 10 protocol networks based on historical value. Most managers have used this investment methodology. It worked a few years ago but it won’t be a successful strategy going forward. This is because the focus is now on practical business applications.

William: So Megan, thank you for coming here today and sharing your insights about investing in crypto.

Megan: It’s my pleasure, thank you William, and thank you for watching.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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WAX is leading the pack and gaining ground on EOS

Apr 10, 2020

dAppRadar: “WAX is leading the pack… and gaining ground on EOS”

dAppRadar released it’s Q1 2020 Flash Report: Dapp Ecosystem Trends report today which features exciting highlights about WAX’s activity and wallet adoption, as momentum continues to build on the blockchain. You can read the full report here.

Highlights include:

  • WAX is the leader in the other protocols race holding 44% of total daily active wallets

  • Looking at the other eight blockchains tracked by DappRadar WAX is leading the pack in regards to daily activity. Holding 44% of total daily active wallets and gaining ground on EOS.

As you probably already know, WAX has released a steady stream of major news and updates over the last few months including a partnership with the most prestigious collectible company in the world, the release of the largest worker proposal system in the history of blockchain, a slew of new games launching on the WAX Blockchain, partnerships with leading blockchain toolkit developers, and more.

Muchmore is coming over the next several weeks and months including the launch of Topps NFTs on WAX, more games, and a few surprises.

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Apr 8, 2020

Welcome, Splinterlands! The digital collectible trading card game is now integrated with the WAX Blockchain

Splinterlands, a dApp with one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in the world, has integrated WAX. And to celebrate Splinterlands’ integration with the WAX Blockchain, we’re giving away Splinterlands NFT cards and WAX tokens!

Here’s what you can earn:

* NFT prizes include a rare Gold Foil Legendary Summoner worth $100 USD!

Visit splinterlands.wax.io to learn the full contest details, and start earning!

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Mar 31, 2020

WAX ON: Why are Alt Coins Popping on Calorie-Free Announcements?

Video Transcript:

I’ve noticed a weird phenomenon with some alt coins recently. These alt coins make announcements about “partnerships” with brand name companies, and their token prices shoot up on the news. Now that, in itself, is not strange. But what IS WEIRD, is when you read the details of these partnership deals, there’s nothing material to them. I mean, there doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason why token holders would even care.

Let me give you a couple of RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS that followed this pattern. A project called Ultra, focused on the blockchain video gaming sector, announced that it had secured a business development relationship with Ubisoft - Ubisoft being a GIANT video game publisher.

Over several days, including a few days before the announcement - which I assume means some people knew about it - Ultra’s token climbed 30%.

So I took a look at this deal. What I found was not a BIG DEAL. It was, in my opinion, kind of a SILLY deal.

Ultra hadn’t secured an important partnership with one of the world’s biggest video game companies. In fact, it was hard to figure out exactly what the deal even was. I tried to scrape together some of the details, but really, I can’t understand what all the fuss was about. If I have it right, a technology lab subsidiary, inside Ubisoft, is going to produce blocks, be a block producer, on Ultra’s TESTNET.Not a content licensing deal. Ubisoft isn’t adopting the Ultra chain for all future video games. Nope. Ubisoft is going to run a block producer server, on Ultra’s testnet. Yet on this news, Ultra’s price moves 30% higher.

Now, I might chalk this up to a one-off, overexcited response to an announcement. That happens. It even occasionally happens, on Wall street. Where a group of traders misinterpret the significance of an announcement, and push the buy button too fast.

But then, a few weeks later, it happens again. Curiously, with a company, that also happens to be in the blockchain video gaming space. ENJIN. A pretty well regarded Ethereum-based company, that makes software for integrating blockchain and video gaming.

ENJIN reported that it had done a deal with Azure. Azure being the enterprise cloud business unit, of Microsoft. How did the market react? ENJIN’s token shot up 70% on the news. Amazing. Must be a truly transformative deal, right? Nope, not so much. In fact, the deal was not even with Microsoft overall, even though that is how it got picked up in all the news coverage. The deal was with Azure, the enterprise cloud division of Microsoft, the European division.

What was the NATURE of the deal, you might ask, that caused the Enjin token to skyrocket 70%?. Well, the European division of Azure, said it would be issuing, merit badges, NFT merit badges, to people who support the Azure community.

Ok, but who cares? This is not a deal that seems like it’s going to transform ENJIN’s business. Supplying Azure with some NFT’s that they can issue to some members of their software community? Why would the ENJIN price jump 70% on that news?

Now there are many reasons to like ENJIN. But the Azure deal, is not one of them.

So here is my advice. Look underneath the hood, of these brand name company partnership deals, before you rush out and buy the token. Apply some basic scrutiny to the deal terms, see if it furthers the business goals of the blockchain project doing the deal. Ask yourself, is this deal evidence that the blockchain project is getting traction?

That’s my PSA for this week. If you liked what you heard on this video, please hit subscribe, leave a comment, and I will talk to you next time.

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WAX to Use Chainlink Oracles to Bring Off-Chain Data and Resources to the WAX and EOSIO Ecosystem

Mar 18, 2020

WAX to Use Chainlink Oracles to Bring Off-Chain Data and Resources to the WAX and EOSIO Ecosystem

WAX is excited to announce its planned integration of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network to securely and reliably access data and resources from outside the EOSIO ecosystem. WAX will use Chainlink to obtain market data for DeFi products, source real-world events for next-generation NFTs, and communicate cross-chain to other key ecosystems such as Ethereum.

With this partnership, the entire WAX ecosystem getssecure accessto a variety of off-chain resources, such as random number generation, token prices, sports events, IoT data, interoperability with other chains, existing payment systems, enterprise backends, and much more. This helps dApps avoid the major pitfalls with trying to deploy their own oracles, such as excessive delays, extra expenses, and even fatal security flaws.

By building support for WAX, Chainlink becomes accessible to EOSIO-based chains for minimal cost, as all EOSIO chains utilize the same smart contract language and are architected virtually identical to one another. This will Chainlink the standard oracle solution used exclusively by WAX and all other dApps in the EOSIO ecosystem.

The possibilities for easily integrating off-chain data into dApps on the WAX Blockchain are endless, especially for games. For example you can create a fantasy dApp game that retrieves live professional sports scores, game plays, lineups and more. Or pull crypto and stock market prices to create real-time accurate decentralized exchanges, games, and applications.

That’s because by integrating Chainlink into the WAX Blockchain, a variety of real-world applications become possible thanks to a secure and reliable connection to existing non-blockchain infrastructure and other blockchain ecosystems.

Some initial use cases we’re exploring using both WAX and Chainlink, include:

  • Data-Driven NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. Using our existing partnerships, such as with Topps for digital trading cards, we can create NFTs that are subjective to real-world data. For example, a special baseball card that’s only issued if someone breaks the home run record.

  • Ethereum NFTs and FTs on the WAX Blockchain.Chainlink provides a bridge for broadcasting events happening on either chain to the other one.

  • Native DeFi products on the WAX Blockchain. Building our own and/or using existing Chainlink’s Price Reference Contracts offer a secure, easy to deploy solution for quickly launching DeFi instruments that rely on accurate market data.

  • A stablecoin for the -EOSIO ecosystem. This is something already in high demand and very needed for financial stability. Given their extensive experience building secure oracles, which is evident in adoption by other stablecoin/currency projects, Chainlink is the main and only trusted oracle for these applications.

Due to the way blockchains form consensus, they can only process computation using data already stored inside the blockchain while still retaining security. Similar to computer networks, blockchains can be far more effective when connected to data and systems outside their immediate network (off-chain).

Connecting off-chain is important, but only if the actual data and delivery of that data is highly secure. What’s the point in having secure underlying smart contracts running on a decentralized blockchain if the connection off-chain is insecure?

An oracle is a digital agent employed by a smart contract to retrieve and/or connect it to data and systems outside its native blockchain (off-chain). Oracles enable this off-chain connectivity for the smart contract by reformatting external connection points (APIs) so that two different software applications are compatible for data exchange. The oracles can then pull data into the smart contract and/or execute actions on external systems based on predefined instructions and endpoints.

Chainlink is unique in that it’s a decentralized oracle network that currently provides decentralization at both the oracle and data source level. By using multiple independent Chainlink nodes, the user can protect against one oracle being a single point of failure. Similarly, using multiple data sources for sourcing market prices, the user can protect against one data source being a single source of truth.

It has a growing pool of 30 independent node operators run by leading blockchain DevOps and security teams, many of which have extensive experience running POS nodes across multiple blockchain networks. Chainlink has a very expansive ecosystem of over 120+ projects, representing multiple different blockchains and large enterprises, as well as encompassing many different use cases, such as finance, insurance, and regulated gaming. It currently has 29 Data Feeds for DeFi (Price Reference Contracts) used by many top Ethereum dApps.

“Having a reliable and secure Layer 2 solution that augments the value of our smart contract ecosystem is paramount to achieving real-world adoption of WAX’s distributed blockchain applications (dApps),” says Lukas Sliwka, Chief Technical Advisor, WAX. “WAX’s dApp developers gain far more functionality when they can integrate with data and systems outside the native blockchain, such as accessing token prices, sports stats, etc. Chainlink will bridge that gap as the standard framework for building provably secure and redundantly reliable oracle networks for WAX and the EOSIO ecosystem, ultimately leading to next-generation dApps that retrieve and respond to real-world data and events.”

If you’re a developer and want to connect your smart contract to existing data and infrastructure outside the underlying blockchain, reach out to us here! We can help you quickly and securely launch your data-enabled application or Chainlink Price Reference Data Contract on mainnet today. You can also visit the developer documentation or join the technical discussion on Discord. Learn more by visiting the Chainlink website or follow us on Twitter or Reddit.

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. It is well known for providing highly secure and reliable oracles to large enterprises (Google, Oracle, and SWIFT) and leading smart contract development teams such as Polkadot/Substrate, Synthetix, Loopring, Aave, OpenLaw, Etherisc, Conflux, and many others.

About WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)

WAX is an all-in-one blockchain platform enabling developers to easily create, sell and trade digital goods to empower businesses to profit from the next era of digital commerce. For more information, please visitwax.io and follow along on Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram.

Visit the WAX Developer Hive for all our developer resources, and join our communities to stay up to date on WAX developments:

Mar 18, 2020

Update: WAX Labs Proposal Guidelines

Since the launch of the WAX Labs worker proposal system on March 11, we’ve been excited to see the number of projects submitted for funding! Below we’ve provided more specific guidelines for how to make your project more likely to be accepted into WAX Labs.\

The guidelines are not a formula: adhering to them won’t guarantee that a project is accepted (and likewise, not following them won’t guarantee that a project is rejected). The guidelines are simply to provide candidates with the criteria for what makes a project more likely to be accepted into WAX Labs.


For the benefit of all participants, the WAX Tokens that will be granted must fund projects that have a clear and measurable impact on the WAX ecosystem. For this reason, projects are more likely to be accepted if they are:

  • **Valuable to the larger WAX community and ecosystem (not simply a profit-generator for the candidate). **If the project’s primary goal is for the candidate to profit from, and it lacks clear benefits to the rest of the WAX ecosystem, the project will be subject to a higher degree of scrutiny.
  • **Requesting a reasonable number of WAX Tokens. **In general, the more tokens that are requested to fund a project, the higher the scrutiny of the project.
  • Within the limits of the number of tokens that will be granted per project. You can request up to $100,000 worth of WAX Tokens for your project, or 0.5% of the entire pool, whichever amount is lower at the time of submission. If you have a bigger project in mind, great! We recommend first submitting a smaller, lower cost MVP (minimum viable product) version of your project, to prove that the market and its participants want your larger-scale version of the project. Doing so will increase the likelihood that your large-scale project will be accepted (if the MVP version is a success). Large-scale projects with no previous case study will be subject to a higher degree of scrutiny.

  • Adhering to an incremental utility standard. This includes consideration of:

  • Measurably useful and/or valuable. Each phase of the project completion must prove utility and community adoption. Projects that have clearly defined goals that can be measured objectively, and after each milestone, are more likely to be accepted.

These guidelines are suggestions to help candidates submit projects that are more likely to be accepted into the WAX Labs worker proposal system. Adhering to none, all, or any of the above guidelines is not a guarantee of acceptance or rejection; they are intended to provide clarity into what factors are considered when the Reviewers accept or reject a project. We look forward to seeing your project submissions, if you have any questions, please join our communities:

Mar 17, 2020

WAX ON: The future of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in 2020 and beyond

Video Transcript:

I want to talk today about the future of NFTs, non-fungible tokens. Lots of hype about NFTs, ever since Ethereum came out with its ERC-721 standard which really was a major innovation - being able to make every token unique, in some particular way, opened the door for things like dApp video gaming.

I said there has been a lot of hype about NFTs. And hype usually means that what people are expecting to happen - in the near term - is a little less grand than what is really going to happen. And this happens ALL THE TIME in venture capital and the start-up culture. And there’s a very specific reason for that. It’s because we can SEE the tremendous potential of a new technology or (even better) a new business model. But what we can CAN’T see are all these little problems that are going to pop up once we start actually working with the new technology. This is just how capitalism, start up life, entrepreneurship works.

And it’s exactly what I experienced in my early days at the idealab incubator - idealab was the first consumer internet incubator in the 1990’s. And at idealab, we thought e-commerce was amazing. What an improvement over mail order catalogs or trying to find that ONE BOOK at your neighborhood book store. So we built a bunch of ecommerce sites: Etoys, Cooking.com, Tickets.com, Music.com. This was the early days of consumer internet. You could literally try to own a whole consumer category. But what happened was once we built all these ecommerce businesses we were like “Ok where is everybody?” Then we realized “Oh we need internet marketing.” Whatever that is, because of course, no one has ever done it. SO…how do you do that? So we figured out how to do internet marketing. And companies like Double Click got invented and made billions of dollars helping businesses do online advertising, and then of course got acquired by Google.

So we figured out internet advertising, and we got people to show up to our e-commerce sites using these new advertising inventions and then we encountered another problem. “How come people aren’t buying much?” Well, that’s when we found out about the payments problem. Payments was a huge problem. Which is what led my partners and me to be the first institutional investors in PayPal. We needed an innovation like PayPal to make online shopping work, work for consumers, who demand convenience. And by the way, at the time, credit card companies wanted NOTHING to do with these questionable internet companies. In fact, even if you could get a merchant credit card account for your e-commerce company, you got charged 10%, 12%, 14% of the transaction in credit card fees.

My point here is that as good as a new technology appears to be like e-commerce, there is always some hidden friction in bringing that technology to its full potential.

So about NFTs, these non-fungible tokens. As I look out here at the beginning of 2020 at the hype around NFTs, there are things people believe are right around the corner that I think are going to take longer.

So let me run through a few of what I think those are:

The CONSENSUS view out there is that big video game companies are going to start rushing in to incorporate NFTs into their hit video games. That is not going to happen for a few years. You want to know why? Because those big video game companies learned a lot of the lessons back when they were small companies about adopting new technology and all the friction that comes with it. So they’re cautious. They’re going to move slow. As I’ve mentioned before, small, indie game developers will be the first ones to experiment with, and even succeed with, NFTS.

Another consensus view right now about NFTs, is that people are just going to start trading them like crazy. Nope, not going to happen. At least not yet. Now, as a lot of you know, my partners and I spent the past 20 years, running video game virtual item marketplaces. We know this business. We also understand WHY people trade virtual items. At a minimum, the trading PROCESS has to be simple. The single biggest contribution to making that happen, is what we recently did with the WAX Cloud Wallet. We’ve made it very simple to set up a blockchain account and trade NFTs. There are now almost 500,000 customer accounts on the WAX Blockchain in the past maybe three months because of the WAX Cloud Wallet. But until large numbers of people move away from wallets like Scatter and MetaMask, NFT trading will be limited. It’s just an emergent behavior. You can’t just design some nice looking NFTs and expect people are going to magically start trading them. People need a reason to do things. And your job, if you’re a video game dApp designer, is to figure out what will cause people to start trading. And that is still a work in progress. Which is why I think massive trading right now is not going to happen.

Let me mention one final consensus view about NFTs that’s wrong. That’s leasing them. Yep. Leasing your NFTs. This has recently been getting a lot of hype. But it’s not going to happen, in any material way, probably ever. Why do I have such a strong opinion about this? Because its been tried. Many times. For decades. Generally by people who don’t understand video gamers. There is no evidence that video gamers want to lease skins or NFTs. Just one possible problem that I see with the NFT leasing market, is the fact that people own video game skins to show off. It’s a way to say “Hey look at this expensive skin that I own, aren’t I impressive?” But if anyone can inspect the blockchain and see that you don’t own it, that you’re just a poser renting it, then you destroy the whole reason you wanted the skin in the first place. This is just one issue that I see, by the way. There’s many others.

Here is my advice on this one, this leasing NFT concept. If you can’t come up with a super compelling reason why someone would want to rent or lease a skin, then don’t waste time on it.

Let me finish here by saying that I have a few non-consensus views about the future of NFTs. And in another upcoming video, I’m going to share those with you. That’s it for now. If you liked what you heard on this video, please hit subscribe, make a comment, and I’ll talk to you next time.

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Mar 3, 2020

WAX Introduces the Biggest Worker Proposal Fund in the History of Blockchain

Update 3/18/2020: Proposal Guidelines

More than 75 million WAX Tokens, worth millions of dollars, are available for developers who grow the WAX Blockchain through decentralization and innovation** over many years.**

Introducing WAX Labs, a worker proposal system designed to grow the WAX Blockchain through decentralization and innovation. There are** presently more than** 75 million WAX tokens worth millions of dollars in theWAX Labs** fund, which is allocated towards compensating developers who build upon the WAX Blockchain **over many years, making WAX Labs the largest community-owned worker proposal system in the entire blockchain ecosystem.

With such a well funded worker proposal system, WAX hopes to build the most extensive network of blockchain developers in the world.

**Candidates can submit their projects for consideration, and WAX Token holders can vote on them, here

About the WAX Labs worker proposal system:

WAX Labs incentivizes developers to build new projects on WAX, work on community needs, patches, and upgrades. In exchange for their time and effort contributing to the development of WAX, these developers will be eligible to receive WAX Tokens from the WAX Labs fund, which will provide support for WAX development efforts for many years to come.

Projects that will have a clear positive and measurable impact on the WAX ecosystem are eligible to be funded. If you request more funds for your project than the Reviewers and voters feel is appropriate for the project’s anticipated value to the WAX ecosystem, the project may not be approved (but is eligible for resubmission). Projects will not be approved if they are functions of another role in the WAX ecosystem that also earns WAX Tokens (ie: WAX Guild functions).

Through WAX Labs, the WAX Community benefits from a decentralized structure by reducing the reliance on a single source for new additions. This system is beneficial for everyone including:

  • The developers who are compensated for their efforts
  • The community for having access to additional resources
  • The WAX organization, which can leverage the creativity of the community to advance projects

WAX Token holders: please be advised that voting for WAX Labs projects does not affect your vote strength or stake weight.

How to submit a project to WAX Labs:

  • To submit a project for consideration, visit the WAX Labs portal here. Complete a candidate profile, then submit your project.
  • Reviewers, selected by a committee which is selected by the WAX Guilds, will assess your project. If the Reviewers approve your project, it will be put forth to the WAX Community who has 30 days to vote on whether to accept or reject it.
  • For your project to be accepted, 35% of the entire amount of WAX Tokens that are staked must be voted towards your project (ie: if there are 1 million total WAX Tokens staked, then 350,000 of those must be voted towards your project).
  • If your project is accepted, you will receive payments of WAX Tokens in order to fund your project in accordance with the schedule you requested during the submission process.

Please note that WAX Labs will establish its own governance rules in order to ensure both project quality and project completion, including making payments based on achieving project milestones.

If you have any questions, please join our communities:

WAX and Topps Unveil Historic Blockchain Trading Card Partnership

Mar 2, 2020

WAX and Topps Unveil Historic Blockchain Trading Card Partnership

WAX and The Topps Company, the most prestigious global producer of trading cards for MLB, Star Wars, WWE and Garbage Pail Kids, today unveiled a historic partnership to bring their vast licensing portfolio to the WAX Blockchain.

Utilizing WAX’s blockchain technology, fans around the world can now discover, collect and trade officially-licensed digital Topps collectibles. Collectibles can be seamlessly sold, or traded instantly and securely, with anyone across the world. With blockchain collectibles, collectors can enjoy the fun of trading and sharing digital cards with others around the world through a secure and efficient medium. The digital cards are authenticated and tracked using WAX Blockchain technology to ensure providence and security.

The first Topps blockchain trading cards will launch in Spring 2020 and will be available for purchase online using a credit card and the WAX Cloud Wallet, the most user-friendly blockchain wallet today. To get on the waitlist (and enter to win cards!), visit topps.wax.io.

“Over the years, collectors of Topps trading cards have enjoyed the thrill of ripping open a pack of cards. This partnership allows us to bring that memorable collectible experience to an even wider audience. Our Garbage Pail Kids blockchain product will highlight recent advancements in technology and continues Topps’ history of developing innovative products,” said Tobin Lent, Vice President, General Manager of Topps Digital.

Topps trading cards have regularly sold in secondary markets for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it’s critical that WAX Blockchain technology guarantee Topps cards are authentic and that trades are secured.

By interacting with Garbage Pail Kids cards on the WAX Blockchain, anyone can see the details of the cards’ information and trading history. This enables everyone involved to make informed purchases, sales, and trades, with anyone else in the world - instantly.


The blockchain records every aspect of every card’s transaction and stores it forever. These blockchain records can’t be changed by anyone, and can be seen by everyone. Therefore, since the blockchain removes all uncertainty, there’s no need to take a chance with a buyer or seller or blindly trust another trader.

Data for Garbage Pail Kids cards on the blockchain includes:

  • Detailed product specifications for each card including the date it was created, its rarity, images of the card, proof of its authenticity, and more. With this information, collectors know exactly which cards they are trading - no guesswork, no need to trust or verify other traders.
  • Comprehensive ownership records that show who traded the card and when. Since everyone can see its full ownership history, no one can ever fake ownership of a card.
  • Complete trade and sale history including how much money was paid for the cards and when. No one can ever fake previous sale prices or dates.

“Topps is bringing their collectibles to the forefront of digital innovation and is determined to leverage the opportunities that the blockchain can provide. I believe the WAX Blockchain will have an important and positive impact on Topps future business models and the way they engage their fanbase. We are very pleased to welcome Topps in the WAX family of dApps.” said Evan Vandenberg, Director at WAX.


About WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)

WAX is an all-in-one blockchain platform enabling developers to easily create, sell and trade digital goods to empower businesses to profit from the next era of digital commerce. For more information, please visitwax.io and follow along on Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram.

Worldwide Asset eXchange™, WAX is a trademark and the sole property of Worldwide Asset eXchange.

About The Topps Company, Inc.

Founded in 1938, Topps is the leading creator and marketer of sports and related cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionery. Topps entertainment products include the NFL, MLB, UFC, MLS, WWE and other trading cards, sticker album collections, and collectible games. The Company’s confectionery brands include Bazooka® bubble gum, Ring Pop®, Push Pop®, Baby Bottle Pop® and Juicy Drop ® Pop lollipops. For additional information, visit Sports Cards and Entertainment Cards at Topps.com and follow us on facebook at facebook.com/Topps, on twitter @Toppscards, and now on Instagram @ToppsSports.

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One of the most popular

Feb 4, 2020

One of the most popular dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, 0xWarriors, is coming to WAX

One of the most popular dApps on Ethereum is coming to the WAX Blockchain. 0xGames, an open-economy game development company, is integrating the WAX Blockchain into both their arena RPG game 0xWarriors and race manager game 0xRacers in February, 2020.

The partnership is expected to promote cross-chain interaction for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. 0xRacers and 0xWarriors already boast the support of several chains, such as Ethereum, NEO, TRON, and EOS, increasing overall interplay in the player base.

Players can buy, sell, and trade in-game items for 0xWarriors and 0xRacers using WAX Tokens. These NFTs can be of various rarity values and, when equipped, allow gamers to customize their playing experience and to curate collections. For example, a player can pick a legendary-tier WAX helmet along with other equipable tokens and crush their enemies on the Combat Arenas. Should a warrior need to swap their WAX item to another one - it can be easily done on the in-game market supporting NFT trade.

Read the full announcement on CoinTelegraph here.

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WAX and AIKON partner

Jan 27, 2020

WAX and AIKON partner to bring more enterprise viability to the WAX Blockchain


WAX and AIKON are excited to announce a partnership that will bring AIKON’s ORE ID blockchain identity service to the WAX Blockchain, making it easy for developers and companies to get their customers using WAX. AIKON will make their ORE ID API library, which is geared toward streamlining enterprise adoption of blockchain solutions, accessible to developers who build on WAX.

By partnering with AIKON, the WAX community benefits from increased cross-chain compatibility, and it becomes easier for both small dApps and enterprise-level applications to move onto WAX. AIKON’s ORE ID provides numerous enterprise solutions including a completely seamless blockchain on-ramp experience for existing centralized apps, a single API library that supports multiple chains and data privacy conscious identities.

  • ORE ID Enterprise provides one of the easiest ways for enterprise customers to transition their existing users to the blockchain and can be adapted to any onboarding experience.
  • ORE ID libraries will support a multitude of chains including WAX, EOS, Ethereum, TRON and more, allowing developers to launch their dapps on multiple chains easily with one API.
  • ORE ID as an identity solution was built with privacy and security in mind and provides tools to manage GDPR and CCPA compliance.

With these solutions, dApps from other blockchains such as Ethereum and TRON can easily port their application over to the WAX Blockchain. And enterprises interested in adopting digital assets can leverage WAX’s powerful asset exchange tools by migrating their users to the WAX chain.

AIKON has long been inspired by the team at WAX and the scale they’ve been able to accomplish. “Everyone on our team loves WAX - especially their focus on usability and mass adoption,” said Marc Blinder, CEO of AIKON. “ORE ID brings that same emphasis on usability for centralized companies that want to make the move to blockchain or dApps that want a single sign-on solution for multiple chains.”

“WAX is really excited for AIKON to join the platform,” says Evan Vandenberg, Director of Business Development for WAX. “AIKON’s outstanding team has shown significant progress in onboarding enterprise-level customers, outside of the blockchain space, to utilize blockchain technology such as Moonlighting.com. I’m very excited that the AIKON team can bring their impressive tech offerings to the WAX development community. “

Together, AIKON and WAX hope to provide that tipping point that large enterprises have been waiting for in their consideration to adopt a blockchain strategy.

About AIKON:

ORE ID was built from the ground up to leverage blockchain and manage access rights to a user’s data. We knew from the beginning that protecting a user would be critical to the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies, and data privacy compliance is one of the most obvious, and in the current technological climate, paramount use cases that can really deliver value and security to the masses.

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Jan 13, 2020

NEW: WAX and LiquidApps Collaborate to Offer High-Powered Tools to Developers

WAX and LiquidApps are excited to announce a collaboration that will make WAX a remarkably scalable and interoperable blockchain for decentralized applications. WAX will integrate LiquidApp’s DAPP Network, providing developers who build on WAX with the most efficient and cost-effective tools and environments.

The DAPP Network makes the development of dApps more affordable, efficient and scalable through a range of products for developers, service providers and users committed to scaling the blockchain. The DAPP Network brings a of services to developers building on the blockchain including:

  • LiquidLink allows dApp developers to connect their dApp to assets, actions, and applications on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO chains, and more.
  • LiquidOracles keep SLAs and data verification on-chain, which protects dApp developers from the risks of malicious or accidental failure.
  • vRAM is an alternative storage solution for developers building EOS dApps that is RAM-compatible, decentralized, and enables storing & retrieving of potentially unlimited amounts of data affordably and efficiently.
  • Zeus SDK provides developers with a set of libraries, code samples and documentation for building and scaling dApps, while optimizing the utility of LiquidApp’s products.

These solutions boost WAX’s scalability and cross-chain compatibility with EOSIO chains as well as other blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. It’s like having a Rosetta Stone for the major blockchains.

LiquidApps is excited by WAX’s rapid adoption by users and partners, and the WAX Blockchain’s scalability potential. “We have been following WAX developments closely and we are thrilled to see WAX enable the DAPP Network to enhance their growing ecosystem,” says Beni Hakak, CEO LiquidApps. “The services running on the DAPP Network can help WAX developers by offering them more cost-efficient resources, more flexibility, and more trustless functionality when building their dApps, keeping WAX at the tip of the spear of blockchain innovation. This move sets the stage for networks of interoperable, integrated blockchains to emerge.

By bringing the best toolsets and products for developers wanting to build on WAX, we’re creating an easier and more cost-effective environment for dApps to operate in.

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NEW: The WAX Testnet is now live

Jan 6, 2020

Yet another resource for developers to build on WAX is now live - the WAX Testnet. With the WAX Testnet, anyone can explore building on the WAX Blockchain for free. It’s “perfect for testing dApps, node setup, or just exploring the features of WAX,” says WAX sw/eden, the WAX Guild that built the WAX Testnet.

Visit the WAX Developer Hive Quickstart for the WAX Testnet to learn how to create Testnet accounts and deploy your smart contracts to the WAX Testnet, and visit the WAX Blockchain Environments section for WAX versions, URLs, and development environment information. You can also access WAX sw/eden’s resources for the WAX Testnet and create an account here.

Developers can benefit from using the WAX Testnet in a few ways:

  • Free testing environment: The WAX Testnet provides devs with free test WAX Tokens, which means you can see how your dApp will work on WAX without having to pay for resources
  • Migration made easy: If you have a dApp running on another blockchain, you can test the migration using the WAX Testnet before deploying on the WAX Blockchain mainnet
  • Experiment with WAX services (coming soon): Integrate and test WAX features such as the WAX Cloud Wallet, WAX Decentralized Random Number Generator, and Simple Assets NFT smart contracts

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Jan 3, 2020

NEW: Customers can automatically login to WAX dApps with this new WAX Developer Portal quickstart

We’ve added a feature to WAX Cloud Wallet that allows dApp customers to automatically log in to their favorite WAX dApps, making it even faster and easier to start using applications that run on the WAX Blockchain.

With the WaxJS quickstart, developers can run a simple, secure check that will let customers automatically sign into the dApp any time they access it.

Before you can start signing transactions from your dApp, a customer must be logged in. WaxJS includes an isAutoLoginAvailable function that:

  • Securely checks for WAX Cloud Wallet credentials
  • Checks to see if your dApp is whitelisted

If both conditions are true, a customer’s userAccount and public keys are set in your WaxJS object, and you don’t need to call the login() function. You’ll also have access to wax.userAccount and wax.pubKeys.

Customers save clicks and time, so they can start using your dApp in just seconds.

Want to see how it works? See the autologin feature in action here.

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