The Community-Owned EOS Block Producer

and DAC Enabler

Watch this simple one-minute video explainer to find out more about eosDAC


EOS.io Software

The EOSIO Software being developed by Block.one facilitates the first highly scalable smart contract blockchains, with transaction fees covered through small levels of token inflation. This allows the development of genuinely scalable decentralised applications, and online/onblock businesses which are owned by their communities.


EOS Block-Production

Instead of ‘mining’ on the Proof-of-Work algorithm like Bitcoin and Ethereum, EOSIO blockchains use the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm, whereby token holders vote in 21 main block producers and reserve producers. These block producers require major infrastructure to handle enterprise class decentralised applications and need to be significant entities capable of scaling as required. Block producers are paid through the limited inflation of EOS tokens in circulation.

Introducing the Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC)

A Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) is governed by its constitution, which is encoded in smart contracts on the blockchain. This revolutionary way of bringing a community together as a cooperative is made possible by the EOS software. The DAC is controlled by its token holders and the board members they vote to run its operations.

The Community-owned EOS Block Producer

It is the vision of eosDAC that EOS.IO block production should be open for everyone to contribute and benefit. To realise this vision, eosDAC is an evolving Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) focused on EOS.IO Block Production serving the EOS communities worldwide. In doing this, eosDAC is creating the tools and smart contracts it needs to function. It will share these with the EOS communities to help other DACs thrive on the EOS.IO blockchains.


eosDAC is creating a DAC on the EOS blockchain, until then eosDAC is being run by its Team. eosDAC has spent most of the time since the EOS mainnet launch in June 2018 as an active block producer, meaning we have been continuously elected by the EOS community to be one of the 21 block producers on the chain.

eosDAC Tokens:

Majority-Owned by the EOS Community

eosDAC tokens were airdropped at a rate of 1:1 to the EOS token holders as of the 15th April 2018. The rest of the tokens were given to the Launch Team, Advisors, Community Supporters whose contribution of time, energy, and financial resources eosDAC would not have come into existence.

You can use our beta Token Explorer to check balances and transfers of the EOSDAC token on chain, holding accounts, as well as the current market price and volume.

eosDAC Network Architecture

The key object has been to achieve a wide geographic and jurisdictional coverage with block-production infrastructure deployed in the United Kingdom, Romania and South Korea. The Launch Team will continue to use its considerable experience of high-level data centre operation and Tier 1 inter networking design & implementation to ensure shortest latency, maximum efficiency and solid redundancy within our network architecture.

eosDAC Core Principles
(Code Of Conduct)

Excellence of Service Provision

The primary objective of eosDAC is to ensure that it is able to continuously produce blocks required by EOS.IO software driven blockchains.

Openness and Transparency

All decisions made by the eosDAC governance structures and all operations of eosDAC will be open and transparent.

Support of EOS Communities Worldwide

We want EOS.IO blockchains to flourish so we will engage with EOS communities with a view to initiating and supporting projects that benefit all EOS.IO blockchain communities. This will include tools for other DACs.


eosDAC will treat all members fairly and reward contributions appropriately. No one member should have less information about a decision than others.


eosDAC will not seek any significant stake in, or undue influence over, other block producers. It will also take appropriate measures to protect its own independence.

Electoral Fraud

eosDAC will never provide payment for votes from EOS token holders.