Why launch your own DAC?

Blockchain technology is empowering communities to disrupt centralized companies by creating synergy between owners, employees, and customers who all own and benefit from the same tokens and shared goals.


Empower your Community

  • Blockchain combined with DAC tech is empowering communities to build their own value for themselves
  • Over time we could see these super charged “DAC” communities challenging traditional organizations
  • DACs can be a powerful way to build an engaged community around your project

Store on Chain

DACs are transparent and decentralized

  • Decentralized Autonomous Communities accomplish goals in consistent, transparent ways
  • DACs have no single point of failure
  • Voting, work, membership, and governance can be securely handled on-chain

As an entrepreneur, your time is limited and valuable. Let your DAC automate the repetitive tasks away so you can focus on getting your product or service to market faster.


Flexibility to create an autonomous system

  • Give yourself the flexibility to create an autonomous system
  • Provide the services you need as you focus on new projects

Private Keys

Private keys should be kept secure

  • The private keys controlling EOS tokens and smart contracts should not be in the hands of individuals
  • Use a DAC structure to spread out the governance of your projects on EOS

The world of static hierarchies and centralized ownership will be disrupted

Bottom Top Hierarchy

Control will be replaced with voluntary work

  • Decentralized networked communities, shared goals, and shared ownership will prevail
  • The best talent wants to be involved in things they believe in and things they own
  • Status quo of control will be replaced with voluntary, free exchange and involvement

The eosDAC Factory

  • Use our DAC Factory to custom order a DAC suited for your own unique needs
  • Setting up a DAC from scratch is incredibly complex
  • Our upcoming DAC Factory will allow you to build and launch your own DAC in a fraction of the time

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