A Decentralized BP has fewer single points of failure which make EOS more secure, and protect EOS token holders investment.

Second Layer of Decentralisation

Another layer of decentralization onto EOS

  • Community ownership and management of a block producer on EOS
  • eosDAC provides stability of the chain, using decentralized governance of 12 elected custodians


Server Locations around the world

  • eosDAC uses a mix of cloud and bare metal servers in several locations around the world
  • eosDAC servers are geographically dispersed in diverse jurisdictions

Code Experience

Technically excellent block producer

  • eosDAC has pursued continual improvement to be one of the most technically excellent block producers since the very first testnet
  • eosDAC provides high CPU performance, to allow the EOS blockchain to reach the maximum TPS

eosDAC Vision

It is the vision of eosDAC that EOS.IO block production should be open for everyone to contribute and benefit. To realise this vision, eosDAC is an evolving Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) focused on EOS.IO Block Production serving the EOS communities worldwide. In doing this, eosDAC is creating the tools and smart contracts it needs to function. It will share these with the EOS communities to help other DACs thrive on the EOS.IO blockchains.

DAC Factory

Supporting eosDAC development helps the EOS ecosystem to grow

  • DACs can enable more small business on EOS
  • Digital decentralized communities can out compete centralized paper bureaucracies
  • eosDAC supports the growth of the EOS token value, by providing and improving DApps, chain security and educational content

eosDAC Core Principles


Excellence of Service Provision

The primary objective of eosDAC is to ensure that it is able to continuously produce blocks required by EOS.IO software driven blockchains.


Openness and Transparency

All decisions made by the eosDAC governance structures and all operations of eosDAC will be open and transparent.


Worldwide EOS Communities

We want EOS.IO blockchains to flourish so we will engage with EOS communities with a view to initiating and supporting projects that benefit all EOS.IO blockchain communities. This will include tools for other DACs.



eosDAC will treat all members fairly and reward contributions appropriately. No one member should have less information about a decision than others.



eosDAC will not seek any significant stake in, or undue influence over, other block producers. It will also take appropriate measures to protect its own independence.

Anti Fraud

Respect Community Agreements

eosDAC will use its best efforts to respect the organizational documents of chains where it produces blocks while acting in the interest of chain token holders.

Voting participation matters

As an EOS tokenholder, you have an ownership stake in EOS. Voting for an EOS Block Producer is like voting for who takes care of your property. Who you choose to take care of your property matters.

Our Block Producer name on EOS Mainnet is: eosdacserver

How to vote? Vote using Scatter